Title of Internship: Drafting/Design Internship

Schedule & Duration

  • Summer semester – internship duration can be up to 40 hours per weeks subject to scheduling constraints; lasting 2-3 months.
  • Fall semester – internship can be built on a flex-schedule TBD based on class schedule and skillset of the intern.

This is a guideline for timeframes and may be extended or cut short based on the need of company, the performance of the intern, or the request of the school.


Competitive wage based on work ethic and performance.


Early Stage Expectations

  • Learning company equipment
  • Familiarized with organizational chart and company culture

On-going Expectations

  • Problem solve manufacturing / maintenance related issues
  • Use multiple measuring tools i.e.: calipers, micrometers of all types and vision system.
  • Assist in design of new products.
  • Assist in design of new production equipment.
  • Assist in design of production equipment modifications.
  • Assist Quality Control with documentation of QC specifications.
  • Assist in design of production fixtures and jigs.
  • Assist in designing and acquiring molds and mold components.
  • Provide drafting/design support for Design Engineer.
  • Preform drafting related duties as required i.e.; create solid parts files and turn these files into assemblies and shop drawings. Generate and maintain 2D files using Auto Cad or related software.
  • Order materials and parts to ensure production equipment can be maintained with minimal delay.
  • Order materials required to build new production equipment.
  • Maintain file security of all drafting/design files.
  • Generate Engineering change requests.
  • Assist in organizing and maintaining a consistent removal of Hazardous material.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Use SolidWorks to create and modify parts files as well as create technical drawings that include bill of materials. These files will be used for creation and assembly of machines and other mechanical
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Coordinate with and consult other associates to design, or detail components and systems and to resolve design or other problems.

Education & Experience

  • Students currently in college/technical school, Associate’s degree, or equivalent work experience in Drafting/Design

Mental & Physical Requirements

In order to carry out the responsibilities of this position the following mental and physical requirements are required:

  • Profile must possess critical thinking and problem solving skills,
  • Advise production management of anticipated discrepancies to ensure proper utilization of press time for assigned projects.
  • There will be physical activities from working with equipment including but not limited to cleaning responsibilities.
  • The role will require flexibility, staying later if necessary to complete critical goals.
  • Sitting, Standing, Walking, Speaking, Writing, and Use of computer.


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