Title: Purchasing Specialist
Reports To: Chief Operating Officer
EEO Category: First/Mid-Level Officials and Managers Job Summary
FLSA Classification: Full-Time, Hourly

Position Summary:

For more than 50 years, Pneu-Dart has cultivated the best talent to deliver the best product and provide the best customer service possible. As such, we know the best talent lies in finding ideal team players, providing them with an environment where they can grow and thrive, while also creating a desire to remain engaged with the company on a long-term basis.

With a mission to help maintain production and profitability, while serving the best interests of the customer. The primary responsibilities of this position include detailed focus on supply chain management, vendor relationships, purchase order management, contract negotiation and pricing consistencies.


The Purchasing Specialist is responsible to be an advocate for Pneu-Dart while supporting duties including, but not limited to:

  • Procure, monitor, and coordinate purchase of raw material & resale items.
  • Maintain and monitor Purchase Management & REQ Systems keeping records clean, up-to-date, and accurate.
  • Conduct daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual inventory analysis to maintain company appropriate stock levels.
  • Utilize reports to analyze historical data consumption & combine with company goals to arrive at annual projections.
  • Cultivate and maintain long-term partnerships with vendors while continuing to hold them accountable for pricing considerations, etc.
  • Manage price comparisons and quotes.
  • Relay raw costs, with all hidden costs accounted for, to leadership for retail price considerations.
  • Source alternate suppliers
  • Organize, present, and maintain files on Non-Disclosure agreements with potential partners.
  • Coordinate submission of CAD Drawings as appropriate
  • Maintain proper and clear communication between Leadership, Production, Customer Care, and Vendors
  • Maintain Evernote and provide consistent communication on objectives and focus.
  • Maintain records and information on samples with potential vendors.
  • Analyze lead times in association with production schedules and run rates.
  • Evaluate and maintain proper reorder points while considering storage and cash-flow
  • Coordinate return of products to vendors.
  • Maintain open communication and review of documents pertaining to Accounts Payable and the processing of invoices, pricing comparisons, General Ledger coding, etc.

      The ideal team player for this position is expected to carry out all responsibilities in the following manner:

      • Cooperatively and collaboratively with other departments in the organization
      • With a forward-thinking, strategic mindset to prepare us for growth and change
      • With trust and credibility garnered by understanding confidentiality and appropriate boundaries
      • With a mission to serve the best interests of others – candidates, Team Members, managers and the company

      Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

      • Excellent organizational skills
      • Effective time management skills
      • Confident communicator both in writing and verbally
      • Works well under pressure
      • Excellent people skills
      • Proficient with Microsoft Office and similar products. Specifically, Excel and Word are key.
      • Strong negotiation skills
      • Interpretation of reports and ability to apply this understanding to sales predictions for future periods.

      Education & Experience

      • Three to five years field experience with a firm grasp of general accounting.

      Mental and Physical Requirements

      • Sitting, standing, walking, speaking, writing and use of computer and phone
      • Ability to analyze and interpret information and data of a complex nature
      • Perform basic mathematical formulas
      • Primary work is in an office setting
      • Frequent movement about the manufacturing floor and other areas of the facility are required